IRCAM Forum Workshops 2018

From March 7th to 9th I was at the Centre Pompidou in Paris to attend the Ircam Forum Workshops.

I had the honor to talk about my sound design work and finally play a small live set.

Here is a short but more detailed text about what I did there:

Applied Kyma instruments and effects in my demo performance were almost exclusively based on the SlipStick model. Thereby, SlipStick operates as an engine of sound synthesis. Simultaneously, it induces and influences other forms of synthesis as Frequency Modulation, Physical Modelling and GrainCloud Resynthesis including the combination and influence of one and the other. Subsequently, single sounds are multiplied by the Replicator. The replicator can be used in Kyma’s programming environment for multiplying variables. (e. g. voices, controller values, instruments etc.)

In my presentation I showed some techniques in how to excite SlipStick and how to use SlipStick as an exciter of sound synthesis. Furthermore, I shared some modification hints leading to a more lively sound. 

First of all, I’ll show you a few photos here. Furthermore, you can find the video of my talk including the additional short live set on my workshop page.


Pics by Susanne Hildebrandt.